Acai Berry Powder

Euterpe oleracea


Origin: Brazil

Contains 100% Acai berry power.

Acai has a semisweet ripe berry taste with a subtle hint of chocolate. Desolves readily in water, juice, or your drink mix. It's great on it's own or as an addition to a smoothie.

Acai is a species of palm tree native to Brazil and Trinidad. The fruit very similar in appearance to small grapes or large blueberries, grow in clusters of 500 to 900 fruits at the tops of the palm trees. Each fruit contains one seed which accounts for approximately 80% of the fruit by mass. Two crops are harvested each year between the months of July and December. In addition to consuming the fruit as food and beverages the leaves can be made in to hats, brooms, or baskets and it's wood for build construction due to it's resistance to pests. The seed also finds it's way in to fertilizer and feedstock in farming.

Raw Acai are highly perishable therefore mostly unheard of outside of it's native region until very recently. .