Honeybush Tea, Organic



When brewed this tea is naturally sweet, with a pleasant, bold taste.

The indigenous inhabitants of the Cape of Good Hope have harvested honey Bush Tea for over 300 years. Growing close to the fairest Cape of Good Hope and stretching from the east to west coast in this unspoiled, natural paradise, the Honey Bush plant belongs to the Cyclopia herbal family and is harvested during the spring season. After harvest Honey Bush leaves, stems, and flowers are cut and oxidized naturally. During the fermentation process, Honey Bush cuttings change color from green to dark brown and develop a sweet aroma.
The honeybush plant is cultivated in a few small areas of South Africa, and the cut and oxidized leaves are used to brew a naturally sweet and naturally non-caffeinated tisane! Traditionally it is normal to steep honeybush for multiple hours on the stovetop and allow the brewing herb to aromatize the home, as the tea doesn’t grow bitter after long steeping times like Camellia Sinensis teas. Honeybush tea is an amazing brew hot or iced, and is an amazing drink any time of day! It is also the base for our Honey Sunset herbal tea blend!
1-2 t in 8oz 205°F water, steep 4-5 minutes