Bulang Shan Raw Puer Cake 2016

Bulang Shan Raw Puer - Spring 2016


Bold and brash as should be expected with tea from Bulang. Full bodied and bitter, with good structure and balanced flavor. A good tea for those who want to experience puer outside of the large scale factory productions.

Origin: Wei Dong, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China
Brewing Suggestions: Use a Gaiwan. Heat water to boiling (212F/100C). 10g of tea per 6oz of water. Rinse tea before first steep. First steep for 10-20 seconds. Add 5-10 seconds for each additional steep.
Tea sourcing notes: We had been looking for a small raw pu'er cake that was verified, unique, and a little off the beaten path for quite some time. There are many big names in the industry that you can get directly from china or through bigger tea houses. We wanted something more our size. A small pu'er tea company that was representative of the region, quality, and, of course, delicious. We found this pu'er to be all of those, making it the perfect gift for marking a special occation. We opened one of the cakes and each year we brew it to taste the developing flavors over time - a wonderful experience. It's still rather young, just coming into its own as a raw pu'er, but with good flavor that can be enjoyed today. We are happy to report, each year it deepens and gains more complexity as all good raw pu'er should. -- Kristin M Roach