Chamomile Flowers, whole Organic

Matricaria chamomilla


Origin: Egypt

Chamomile flowers look like tiny daisies that grow on long, thin, light green stems. The plant can reach up to three feet high.

Note: Warnings: People with ragweed allergies may also be allergic to chamomile.
Common Names: Camomile, Chamomilla, Mayweed, Scented mayweed, Pinheads, Pineapple weed

There are two main species that make up what most of us think when we hear “chamomile”; Roman chamomile, and German Chamomile. Historically chamomile was used as incense by the ancient Egyptians and Romans alike, and today, it is a staple for soothing nighttime herbal teas. Our Nighty Night tea blend is an amazing option for a great-tasting chamomile blend!